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List the current office bearers.
Chairman : S. KAVIDHA
Secretary : R. RAMYA
Treasurer : S. SUMATHI
Members : S. RAMESH

* Give the year of last election - 2012-2013

* List activities of last two years –
1. Alumni Interaction
2. Alumni Meeting
3. Alumni Election
4. Various Coaching Classes

* Give details top ten alumni occupying prominent possible.
a. School Teacher
b. College Lecturer
c. State & Central Government Employee
d. Research Scholar
e. Academic Advisor

* Give details on the contribution.
i. Book Donation
ii. Cultural Activities
iii. Furniture Donation
iv. Placement
v. Coaching Classes

The institution is having Alumni Association. There is no such Election conducted for selection of Office bearers. The Alumni students are participating in the Annual Cultural Activities and also in the sports meets. Further, the Alumni members who are free at those times also join with the community activities taken by the institution regularly.

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