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Stanley College of Education was founded by Stanley Educational Trust in the year 2007 with a vision to chisel quality community so that the future citizens may become well-groomed, law-abiding, humane and patriotic citizens. The trust promotes global citizenship and oneness of God.

The college meticulously designs and delivers the instruction and ensures quality teacher development through proactive programmes like ‘Headstart program’, pre-internship preparation. TLM workshop and seminar on innovative class room processes. The College prospectus deals also with the rules, eligibility criteria for admission to B.Ed & M.Ed., and academic calendar the details of syllabus, and examination scheme.

The teaching-learning process in this college is well-organized and technology-supported. Student-teachers are trained to become holistic professionals by assimilating all the best instructional strategies and the learning styles. The evaluation is done continuously to offer plenty of scope for mid-course correction. Cycle tests, peer discussions on curricular issues and involvement in various co-curricular activities make learning enjoyable.

No organization can grow without research. As the institute has a scholar- principal, orientation to Action research and research work goes on very frequently. Student-teachers become reflective practitioners doing Action Researches. Incidentally they learn to address classroom issues in unconventional ways. The teacher-educators and the principal offer consultancy services to NGOs, alumni, jobless youth who wish to take TET.

The involvement of student-teachers in community activities like cleaning temple campus, assisting pilgrims, serving food to devotees, teaching neo-literates etc have strengthened the bond between the college and the local community.

The management spares no stone unturned in providing the required infrastructure for the college. The spacious class room, sophisticated computer lab, well-stocked library, broadband connectivity and proctor support services make learning and teaching impressive.

The VCDs, computer network and internet and the TLM developed within the campus have become good learning resources.

Student-support is given on a one-to-one basis in the proctor system. Their academic progression is monitored all through the year. Through stakeholders’ meetings and PTA meetings the concerns of the college are communicated to parents and other stakeholders for arriving at remedial interventions.

The management has a strict monitoring system and sufficient number of approved staff members to ensure well-coordinated work. The managing Trustee and the Secretary take off the load of administration and allow the principal to be instructional head of the college. This absolute autonomy has facilitated the instructional supervision and research guidance effective and successful.

The college has devised its own indicators for evaluation or practice- teaching and teachers excellence assessment. Besides, the Head-start programme makes the institute exemplary in the mission of teacher preparation.

* To provide and develop competent, innovative and farsighted teachers who can meet the requirements of global competitive world and contribute to academic excellence.
* To provide value-based curriculum and dynamic academic environment for strengthening faith in humanistic, social and moral values as well as in Indian cultural heritage and democracy.
* To create facilities for imparting quality education and grow into a centre of excellence in the field of teacher education.

* The preparation of outstanding teachers with values enduring onan adventurous and creative carrier of technologically modern and experimentally research oriented in the art of teaching and learning to meet the emerging needs and challenges of the nation.

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